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The Museum at Bethel Woods

The interactive exhibits celebrate the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

When you are at In the MKNG™ don’t forget to visit the Museum at Bethel Woods where vibrant and interactive exhibits celebrate the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair and the entire decade that it came to represent.

The museum opened in June 2008, set back from the top of the Woodstock festival hillside. It embodies the key ideals of the era – peace, respect, cooperation, creativity, engagement, and a connection to the planet we live on and all the people who inhabit it.

Museum admission price for In the MKNG festival goers is only $7.50 (50% off regular admission). Just show your Festival wristband at the Museum entry desk to get your discounted ticket.

The Main Exhibit

The main exhibit is an immersive, captivating multi-media experience that combines film, music, artifacts and personal narratives to tell the story of The Sixties and the Woodstock festival. It explores the unique experience of the Woodstock festival and its significance as a culminating event of a decade of sweeping cultural transformation. It highlights the social, political, cultural, and musical transformations of the period and helps us understand that many of the ideals and lessons of that era are still relevant in today's world.

Special Exhibitions during In the MKNG

Peter Max: Early Paintings – The art of Peter Max helped define the psychedelic 1960s, with its colorful imagery of gurus, sages, runners, flyers, Zen boats, snow-capped mountains, planets, stars, and sunbeams. His Cosmic posters were found in every college dorm room and in major museums across the globe.

Peter Max has stayed in the public eye through five decades, but visitors to The Museum at Bethel Woods will have a rare opportunity to see inspiring artwork from a pivotal moment in the artist's illustrious career: the period from 1967 through 1972 when his work moved from nostalgic collage-inspired realistic paintings to his visionary, imaginative Cosmic creations. Look for the “Doors to Originality” throughout the grounds of Bethel Woods that feature Peter Max-inspired artwork.

For more information about the Museum, visit https://www.bethelwoodscenter.org/the-museum.